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Website performance is vital to user satisfaction and is impacted by a surprising number of variables

When it comes to website load times, the faster the better. Because website performance is so vital to visitor loyalty and retention, it’s important to optimize a site to keep it loading swiftly and securely. User satisfaction is so intimately tied to website performance that every additional second of load time results in a 7% loss of conversions.*

There are many tactics that can improve website performance, such as image optimization, improved encryption, and up-to-date browser or server cache. One often overlooked element, however, is the proliferation of 3rd party marketing tags.

Enter Ghostery’s Trackermap, which provides a visual representation tracing all tags - authorized as well as those covertly sanctioned by 3rd parties. Trackermap shows the entire tag path and how it’s functioning, including how limiting certain vendor tags can improve website performance. Additionally, the tool highlights any potential security issues caused by unsecured tags that can trigger mixed content warnings that cause a spike in consumer cart abandonment. Keeping a close eye on the vendor marketing stack ensures that 3rd party tags are not leaking data to competitors or other nefarious parties.

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A Place For Mom Speeds Up Site And Cuts Average Tag Latency By Over 40%

Ed Nevraumont
A Place For Mom

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