The new year starts tomorrow! This is a great time to set new goals and wipe the slate clean. So, while you’re thinking of your resolutions, consider freshening up your tech as you head into 2020. Here’s a list to get you started:



  • Free up storage by deleting old and unnecessary data such as text messages and voicemails.
    • Remove unused apps. This can include stock applications that came preloaded on the device, games, etc.
    • Review your contacts. Get rid of duplicates and old contacts you no longer need.
    • Go through your photos. Upload them to a storage platform or offload them to your computer to create more space on your mobile device.
    • Consider resetting your password. Throughout the year, there may have been times you shared your password so someone could access your device. It’s a good idea to update this periodically so start the new year with a new one.
    • Don’t lose information from 2019. Create or update a backup of your phone using the cloud or your desktop.
    • Check that your device is up to date. These updates are important for bug fixes, security patches, and keeping your device protected from vulnerabilities.



  • Clean up your desktop. Sort those documents, photos, and downloads into folders to stay organized.
    • Encrypt any documents that have sensitive data you want to keep secure.
    • Take a look at your downloads folder. Don’t need those things anymore? Delete them.
    • Empty your trash.
    • Organize your email. Most email platforms offer multiple ways to sort and filter your incoming mail.
    • Clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history of your desktop browsers. Not only does this ensure you’re loading the latest pages, but it also helps protect your privacy.
    • Check that your device, browsers, and other software, like browser extensions, are up to date.



  • ‘Clean” your wireless router. This could mean resetting your password or doing a complete factory reset.
    • Got new smart devices for Christmas? Deactivate any Bluetooth devices that aren’t being used anymore. Minimize the risk of wrongdoers taking advantage of these connections.