Ghostery Unveils New Subscription Model to Bring Premium Features to Users, Enriching the Online Browsing Experience

New Ghostery tools give users full control over their online experience, from browser customization to privacy and more

New York, NY – January 16, 2019Ghostery, known for its free browser extension that makes your web browsing experience cleaner, faster and safer, today released a new subscription option, Ghostery Plus, which provides users in-depth web and tracker insights and advanced features including priority support, new themes and more. Ghostery will still offer a free version of its browser extension for privacy protection.

Trackers on websites carefully record every move of the digital consumer – collecting personal information that enables advertisers and marketers to reach them with unsolicited ads. As such, users are demanding more control, not only of their online privacy, but also of their entire internet experience. Ghostery’s blocklist technology and AI-powered anti-tracking protection detects and blocks intrusive trackers, and the new subscription offerings serve to benefit users and enhance and improve their time online.

Ghostery Plus Offers Users Premium Features

Ghostery Plus is the company’s first step toward offering an array of premium features geared to making each user’s web experience fast, simple, safe and better. By subscribing to Ghostery Plus, users are taking the first step toward supporting Ghostery in its pursuit to provide in-demand privacy and security products.

Ghostery Plus bolsters the value users get out of the Ghostery browser extension by offering them exclusive perks such as custom themes and advanced functionalities like VIP support for $2.00 a month. Plus is designed with tried and true Ghostery fans in mind who are looking to generate more impactful and enjoyable web browsing experiences.

  • Priority support – Plus users have access to the Priority help desk service where they can have their questions answered and issues resolved quickly.
  • New, exclusive themes – A feature introduced because of popular request, Plus users can now customize Ghostery colors for a new visual experience.
  • Additional features – Plus users will be the first to see brand new features and insights designed to amplify the Ghostery experience.
  • Ghostery Rewards Unlocks Special Offers for Users: Ghostery Plus users will also have the option to opt into Ghostery Rewards, a feature that delivers unique offers and discounts from leading brands hand-picked for Ghostery users. Offers are designed to match individual interests and are presented to users based on a variety of characteristics and actions triggered by the user. For those that opt in, Rewards can be managed and turned on or off at any time. Ghostery Rewards is based on MyOffrz, a service developed by its parent company Cliqz. It operates internally, making it completely contained within the browser and does not transmit information back to Ghostery, Cliqz or any other third parties. It remains in the user’s possession and entirely in their control.

“In today’s ad-supported internet, advertisers are incentivized to divert consumers’ attention and undermine their privacy. Consumers spend an average of up to 24 hours online every week and they should not live in fear of data collection abuse while browsing,” said Jeremy Tillman, Ghostery’s Director of Product. “The currency of the web should not be attention or impressions, but engagement and enrichment. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new model with Ghostery Plus. We’re providing users not only a cleaner, faster, and safer internet but also tools that make the web easier to understand and more enjoyable to connect with. Ghostery Plus is the first step in our mission to build a product ecosystem that delivers a simpler and safer internet that doesn’t need to harvest user data or attention to drive the digital economy.”

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