At Ghostery, we’re always looking at ways to improve our products and services. Our strategy is simple: we listen to our users. That’s why we’re very delighted to announce updates to our subscription plans starting June 22nd, 2020. These updates will simplify access to advanced features across our privacy protection products.

Here is a brief look into what has changed:

  • The price of our Premium subscription is reduced from $14* to $11.99* per month
  • Plus subscribers now have access to advanced device protections provided by Ghostery Midnight
  • New users to Plus will get access to all of our Plus features in our Browser Extension and Midnight for $4.99 per month
  • We’ve introduced annual pricing, allowing users to pay in advance for the year at a discounted rate

These updates WILL NOT negatively affect any current subscribers. Current Plus subscribers will have access to more features for the same $2 per month price and current Premium subscribers will see a reduced charge to $11.99* each month. All non-subscribed users will continue to have access to our FREE basic browsing protection at no cost.

Please visit the ‘Full List of Features by Plan’ section below for the full list of features available for each plan.


Additional Details

Free users

Absolutely nothing changes for our free users. Basic browser protection in our extension and basic Ghostery Midnight features will continue to be free.

Updates to Plus

New: Access to additional features in Ghostery Midnight

We’ve expanded our Plus offering to include advanced device privacy protections in Midnight. Users can take advantage by subscribing to Plus for $3.99* per month paid annually, or $4.99* per month with the monthly subscription.

For current Plus subscribers, nothing changes other than you get to enjoy more features for no additional cost! All Plus subscribers that signed up at the $2* per month rate will be grandfathered in.

Updates to Premium

New: Reduced monthly rate

All the same Premium features you love, but at a lower rate! Starting June 22nd, we’ve reduced our monthly rate of our Premium subscription tier from $14* to $11.99* when paying monthly. Users also have the option now to pay annually with an added discount, just $8.99* per month.

For current Premium subscribers, after June 22nd, all future payments for your Premium subscription will automatically be adjusted to the new rate. You do not need to do anything. For example, if your billing cycle starts on June 1st, your next payment due on July 1st will be updated to the $11.99* price.

Users with both Plus & Premium subscriptions: Since Premium users will also have access to Plus features, users with both separate Plus and Premium subscriptions, will have their Plus subscription automatically removed before their next billing date. No other further action will be necessary. Enjoy all the same benefits you have today for less!

See the ‘Full List of Features by Plan’ section below for the full list of features available to each plan. Users with both Plus & Premium active subscriptions will have their next billing cycle on or after June 22nd automatically adjusted with the cost of Plus removed. No other further action will be necessary. Enjoy all the same benefits you have today for less!


Introducing: Annual Payment Option

We’re excited to announce the launch of annual payment options for both Plus & Premium members!

Until now, monthly subscriptions were the only way to gain access to Premium & Plus features of Ghostery products. We’ve listened to your feedback and have now introduced an option to pay in advance and subscribe to your plan at a discounted annual rate for a year. Users can subscribe upfront for the year to Plus for $3.99* per month ($47.88* for the year) and Premium for $8.99* per month ($107.88* per year)

Users wishing to switch from monthly to annual can do so in their Account Subscription Settings after June 22nd. Note: Annual pricing for Plus is only available at the new annual rate of $3.99* per month ($47.88* for the year).


Previous Promotional Discounts

All promotional codes that were applied before the update to multiple billing cycles and are still valid will continue to be honored. For example, if you redeemed a promotional code for 50% off your first three months on June 1st, your billing cycles on July 1st and August 1st will automatically deduct 50% of the new $11.99* price. This also includes promotional codes deducting fixed amounts.


Full List of Features by Plan

Below you will find a table explaining which awesome features are included in each of our subscription plans.

A table showing which features are available in each Ghostery subscription plan

*All prices shown are net prices in USD excluding taxes and fees. In the process of subscribing to our Services,   the price may update to reflect your local billing currency, in addition to any fees and taxes, e.g. your local VAT, where applicable.