Privacy Digest 02/22

6 Ways to Delete Yourself From the Internet

You’ll never be able to get a clean slate—but you can significantly downsize your digital footprint.

Data Security Digital Footprint Digital Traces Privacy Protection Delete Myself Data Brokers Private Search Old Online Accounts

Ads Will Soon Target You Based on Your Music and Podcast Taste

SXM Media is one of the players scrambling to come up with something to replace the long-hated cookie.

Tracking Ad Industry Ad Tech Advertising Music Podcasts Pandora Listener Identity Solution

Zero-Knowledge Proof: Protecting Your Personal Information Without Sacrificing Open Data

How can identities be authenticated, and transactions be completed, without sharing personal and sometimes sensitive information?

Data Privacy Privacy Protection Zero-Knowledge Proof ZKP Open Data Open Data 2.0

Major Media Outlets That Use Invasive User Tracking Are Lobbying Against Regulation

The “surveillance advertising” industry makes online news possible.

Tracking Media Surveillance Advertising Ad Industry Advertising Ad Tech

Are Password Managers Safe?

Not all password managers are created equal.

Password Manager Data Security Data Safety

Data Doppelgängers

As humans, we’re constantly changing and evolving, always trying to become our best selves. But the internet will never forget about us at our lowest. One simple search or purchase online can cause the internet, specifically advertisements, to haunt you with products forever, no no matter how much you change.

How to Fix the Internet Digital Traces Surveillance Advertising Online Speech Alternative Commercial Internet Advertising Ad Industry Ad Tech
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