Privacy Digest 05/22

Ghostery and VPNs - The Privacy Duo Explained

Ghostery prevents trackers in your browser and non-private search engines from passing personal data to companies profiling you. VPNs hide your IP address, cloak your location, and can bypass geographical restrictions on websites and media platforms.

Ghostery VPN Privacy Protection Protecting Online Privacy Data Privacy

Smart devices spy on you – 2 computer scientists explain how the Internet of Things can violate your privacy

Internet-connected appliances tempt people with science fictionlike conveniences, but beneath the sparkling surface lurk potential privacy violations.

Privacy Protection Privacy Internet of Things IoT Smart Devices

How California Is Building the Nation’s First Privacy Police

A new state agency has a $10 million budget to regulate Google, Facebook and others. But first it needs to be created.

Privacy Police California Privacy

Twitter is launching a Tor service for more secure and private tweeting

It’s accessible through Tor Browser and similar apps.

Privacy Twitter Tor Browser Anonymous Browsing Private Browsing

Google Analytics To Stop Logging IP Addresses And Sunset Old Versions In Privacy Standards Overhaul

Major changes are coming to Google Analytics as the company navigates higher consumer privacy standards and increasingly complex international privacy laws. For one, Universal Analytics (UA), the web-based legacy analytics product, is on the way out, and will be shuttered entirely by July 2023, the company announced on Wednesday. All analytics customers will transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which accommodates both web and app data collection ...

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