Privacy Digest 07/22

Emotion tracking remote learning spyware could ding your kid for looking bored in math

Critics claim the technology is a privacy breach that could lead to students being wrongfully penalized.

Privacy Emotion Tracking Spyware Privacy Protection Face-Reading AI Student Engagement Technology

The Public Has a Right to Know How DHS is Spending Millions to Spy on Immigrants on Social Media 

EFF sued the Department of Homeland Security for transparency into its social media surveillance program targeting visa applicants.

EFF Social Media DHS Department of Homeland Security Transparency Digital Traces Digital Footprint Immigration Electronic Frontier Foundation

Five Reasons Why Content From Third Parties Is More Dangerous Than You Think

The cumulative risk from browsing a typical news site can outweigh the risk of a traditional digital supply chain attack in many ways. Here are just a few.

Data Privacy Data Security Third-Party Applications First-Party Applications Digital Third-Party Risk Third-Party Application Invitations Digital Supply Chain

The rise and rise of digital advertising

The Drum Podcast looks in this episode at everything digital advertising, from its past to its future potential. Three experts from the advertising industry are present to discuss how digital advertising has come a long way since Yahoo launched its very first banner ad. What needs to be done to ensure that consumers have a positive experience with digital advertising and change the perception that much of the digital advertising system is opaque and bloated? And finally what upcoming or recent tech spark the most most excitement about in the space?

Advertising Ad Industry Ad Tech

Data from friends and strangers show where you are

Even if you have data tracking turned off, data from friends and even strangers can predict with surprising accuracy where you are and where you're going.

Tracking Data Privacy Location Data Privacy Protection Privacy
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