Privacy Digest 08/22

Improve & Secure Passsword Manager Data With Ghostery

Learn all about how Ghostery and a password manager can improve your data security, enhance the browsing experience and why we recommend using these tools together. Some folks at Ghostery use Dashlane Password Manager, check out their plans at the end of the article.

Password Manager Ghostery Dashlane Data Security Data Safety Data Privacy Antitracking

Scam Texts on the Rise

Those annoying messages sent to your phone could be more dangerous than traditional email phishing, researchers say.

SMS Smishing SMS Fishing Phishing Smishing Attempts Scam Texts

SafeGraph is under fire for selling abortion data. Its CEO says more changes are coming.

After it was called out, SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman said it might change its rules for how it provides data to researchers, even though he said this data “has no commercial value.”

Data Collection Data Security Data Privacy Privacy Protection Data Brokers De-identified Data SafeGraph Abortion

Teaching AI to Its Targets

Too many young people – particularly young people of color – lack enough familiarity or experience with emerging technologies to recognize how artificial intelligence can impact their lives, in either a harmful or an empowering way. Educator Ora Tanner saw this and rededicated her career toward promoting tech literacy and changing how we understand data sharing and surveillance, as well as teaching how AI can be both a dangerous tool and a powerful one for innovation and activism.

How to Fix the Internet Tech Literacy AI Artificial Intelligence Data Privacy Data Security De-identified Data Surveillance Capitalism

American Phone-Tracking Firm Demo’d Surveillance Powers by Spying on CIA and NSA

Anomaly Six, a secretive government contractor, claims to monitor the movements of billions of phones around the world and unmask spies with the press of a button.

Location Data Geofencing Location-Tracking Technology Social Media Surveillance Tracking Data Privacy Privacy Protection Privacy Anomaly Six A6 Zignal Labs Cellphones
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