Privacy Digest 13/22

What is the best ad blocker?

Being a Ghostery user means our ad and tracker blocker has already proven it's value to you. Learn here how ad blockers work and spread the word on privacy.

Adblocking Ghostery Privacy Protection Protecting Online Privacy

Why Lockdown mode from Apple is one of the coolest security ideas ever

Apple intros "extreme" optional protection against the scourge of mercenary spyware.

Apple Lockdown Mode Mercenary Spyware

Data as the nuclear waste of the Information Age

Today, our identities are as much digital as physical, maybe more. We are where we surf, what we watch, the apps we use, the games we play, the people we engage with on social. Data is the nuclear waste of the web and machine learning, Ghostery CEO Jean-Paul Schmetz tells John Koetsier in the last TechFirst podcast. And big tech is redefining privacy to suit their business and cut out their competitors ... not to actually deliver privacy to people.

TechFirst Podcast Privacy Protection Data Privacy Personal Information Big Tech

Data leak exposes China’s vast surveillance state

One billion resident records were allegedly siphoned from a Shanghai police database in China.

China Data Leak Personal Information Surveillance

Late but great: ✨ Happy Birthday to EFF!

EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation celebrated shortly 32 years of fighting for technology users around the world. EFF has always seen both the beauty and destructive potential of the internet, and we’ve always put our marker down on the side of justice, freedom, and innovation. Keep it up, EFF! Ghostery is supporting your mission!

EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation
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