Privacy Digest 17/22

What is web tracking & How can you browse safely?

Find out how browser cookies and fingerprinting follow your activity, along with the best ways to use the web without being tracked.

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New Google Privacy Settings Allows Users To Choose If Sundar Pichai Can Sleep Under Bed

PALO ALTO, CA—In a highly anticipated update designed to help control how data is collected, a new option on Google’s privacy settings released Tuesday allowed users to choose if Sundar Pichai can sleep under their bed. “Starting today, Google will allow everyone on its platform to either opt in or out of the option…

Data Collection Google Sundar Pichai Satire

How Ad Tech Became Cop Spy Tech

If a company wants to advertise something to you on the internet, it first has to know who you are and what you like to buy. There are many different approaches to gathering this data, but all generally have one goal in common: they link you with the data generated by your devices. If law enforcement wants to track you via data generated by your devices, it first has to know where to find that data and how it links to you. As it turns out, these goals align quite strongly with the advertisers. You can probably guess where this is going.

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Data privacy truly matters to your customers. It’s time to make it a core business value

Companies must be custodians of customer data. Otherwise, customers will opt out, or do business with other, more ethical businesses.

Responsible Data Practices Data Privacy Business Core Value Customer Experience

What the U.S. Online Safety Bill Means for Social Media

Recently we’ve been breaking down the Online Safety Bill, which had an updated and strengthened version published by the government recently, and it had gone through parliamentary scrutiny. So far we’ve looked at an introduction to the Bill and what changes have been made since its original draft. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the practical implications for users, so that we can better understand how it will impact our day to day lives- if at all.

Online Safety Bill U.S. Social Media

India’s Sudden Reversal on Privacy Will Affect the Global Internet

The Modi government says a data protection bill has become “too cumbersome” and that it needs to start again.

Data Privacy Privacy Protection India Personal Data Protection Bill

How the Consumer Computer is Consuming Computing

When the personal computer went from being a "bicycle for the mind" to a surveilled shopping mall.

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