Privacy Digest 03/23

WTF is the global privacy control?

By turning on Global Privacy Control you exercise the legal privacy rights in one step, telling websites you visit not to collect, share and sell your personal data. This is exactly Ghostery's Never-Consent feature with the healthy extra of blocking trackers from carrying your personal information across the web. Go Ghosty!

Do Not Track Global Privacy Control Antitracking Ghostery Privacy Protection California

Everything Is Hackable

The computing-driven technological advances that will exacerbate hacking also have the potential to make things better.

Hacking Data Security System Security

How to Make Sure You’re Not Accidentally Sharing Your Location

Keep your movements private.

Location Tracking Location Sharing

Americans Flunked This Test on Online Privacy

Many consumers want control over their personal details. With their latest report, the Annenberg School for Communication reveals that a majority of Americans don’t fully understand how online tracking and privacy works. The general population seems to expect more enforcement from the federal government than there really is.

Online Privacy Tracking Online Privacy Education U.S.

How to enable ad blockers on search engines in Opera

If you are using the Opera browser know that there is a way to enjoy ad free experience on search engine result pages. Learn here what settings need changing to continue enjoying a smooth browsing experience.

Opera Ad Blocker Search Engines
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