Privacy Digest 07/23

Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection by default to more users worldwide

With Total Cookie Protection by default, Firefox is now the most private and secure major browser available across Windows and Mac. Enhance it with the Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker and you have best privacy protection while surfing the web.

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European privacy watchdog creates ChatGPT task force

The body that unites Europe's national privacy watchdogs said on April 13, 2023 that it had set up a task force on ChatGPT, a potentially important first step toward a common policy on setting privacy rules on artificial intelligence.

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Mozilla Says Data Safety Labels for Android Apps Mostly False or Misleading, Do Not Reflect Privacy Policies

Study has harsh criticism for the data safety labels that ostensibly inform consumers about the data sharing habits of Android apps. Almost 80% of sampled apps either did not match up with statements made in the privacy policy or were worded in a misleading way.

Privacy Mozilla

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How AI Could Write Our Laws

Nearly 90% of the multibillion-dollar federal lobbying apparatus in the United States serves corporate interests. In some cases, the objective of that money is obvious. Google pours millions into lobbying on bills related to antitrust regulation. Big energy companies expect action whenever there is a move to end drilling leases for federal lands, in exchange for the tens of millions they contribute to congressional reelection campaigns.


How unbelievably realistic fake images could take over the internet

AI image generators like DALL-E and Midjourney are getting better and better at fooling us.

Deepfake DALL-E

Cybercrime: be careful what you tell your chatbot helper…

Alluring and useful they may be, but the AI interfaces’ potential as gateways for fraud and intrusive data gathering is huge – and is only set to grow.

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