Privacy Digest 08/23

Personalized AI-Written Spam May Soon Be Flooding Your Inbox

The arms race between spam blockers and spam senders is about to escalate with the emergence of a new weapon: generative artificial intelligence.

AI Chatbots Email Phishing Email Spam

Here’s What You’re Actually Agreeing To When You Accept a Privacy Policy

Privacy policies can be unreadable walls of text. Here’s what to look for and how to protect your data.

Privacy Policy Data Privacy Privacy Protection

Brave Search is now 100% independent from Big Tech

Brave Search removes all search API calls to Bing, which previously represented about 7% of query results, achieving 100% independence and providing real alternative to Big Tech search.

Brave Private Search Search Engines

How to Stop Pop-Up Ads: Top Tips & Tricks

Discover how to stop pop-up ads with Ghostery's ad blocker extension and privacy browser. Enjoy a seamless, ad-free browsing experience on any device.

Ghostery Ad Blocker Antitracking Advertising Pop-Up Ads

Citing Privacy Concerns, WhatsApp, Signal Wage Media Campaign Against UK Online Safety Bill

Both WhatsApp and Signal have already indicated that they will pull their business from the UK market entirely over privacy concerns if the Online Safety Bill ultimately becomes law.

Signal Secure Messager End-to-End Encryption Online Safety Bill UK WhatsApp

Use Facebook? Here's How to Get Money From Meta's $725 Million Privacy Settlement

Almost anyone in the US who's used Facebook since 2007 can collect.

Meta Facebook Data Protection Data Privacy Privacy Settlement
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