Privacy Digest 09/23

How to ask OpenAI for your personal data to be deleted or not used to train its AIs

Users of ChatGPT in Europe can request deletion of their personal data in order to stop OpenAI's chatbot processing (and producing) information about them. They can also request an opt-out of having their data used to train its AIs. Here's how.

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Dark Web Price Index 2023 - What your data is worth on the dark web - Exclusive Research

As in the previous 3 years, conducted research into the supply and prices of various goods and services sold by cybercriminals on the dark web. People's Personal Data is Worth $1,000.

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Using the iPhone Recovery Key to Lock Owners Out of Their iPhones

This a good example of a security feature that can sometimes harm security. Apple introduced the optional recovery key in 2020 to protect users from online hackers. Users who turn on the recovery key, a unique 28-digit code, must provide it when they want to reset their Apple ID password...

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How Parenting Tech Opens the Door to State Surveillance

Baby monitors and nanny cams justify hawkeyed supervision as a security necessity. In fact, they’re a political choice.

Child Protection Parenting Tech State Surveillance

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Zoho creates browser with 'Open Season Mode' for when you don't care about privacy

Indian software giant thinks you’ll ignore that in favor of the many tracker-killers.

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