Privacy Digest 13/23

Is Meta's Twitter Alternative a Privacy Nightmare?

Threads collects data across 14 categories, including one labeled 'sensitive info.' It may explain why the app is not launching in the European Union, which has stricter privacy requirements.

Meta Threads Data Privacy Twitter Microblogging Europe

Grindr's ex-privacy chief accused top executives of shrugging off system bugs that retained 'billions' of user photos

The former head of privacy at Grindr alleged that the company fired him after he raised concerns about the company prioritizing "profit over privacy."

Grindr Privacy Data Privacy Privacy Lawsuit

How Your Attention Is Auctioned Off to Advertisers

In mere milliseconds, online advertisers scrutinize your personal data and bid for your eyeballs

Advertising Ad Tech Ad Industry Tracking Surveillance Advertising Data Brokers

How to Protect Your Privacy Online When Working

Safeguard your privacy while working online with Ghostery's expert tips.

Remote Work

Google Says It'll Scrape Everything You Post Online for AI

An update to Google's privacy policy suggests that the entire public internet is fair game for it's AI projects. If Google can read your words, assume they belong to the company now, and expect that they’re nesting somewhere in the bowels of a chatbot.

Google Artificial Intelligence

Meta is offering new privacy protections for kids, but only if they opt in

The move comes after the US surgeon general said social media platforms were exacerbating a teen mental health crisis.

Instagram Facebook Parental Supervision Tools Privacy Protection Child Protection
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