Privacy Digest 14/23

If You Plan On Using Threads, HuffPost recommends Ghostery

While using Threads you can safeguard your privacy by controlling your phone’s privacy settings and denying data access that Meta requests. When used on desktop, supercharging your browser with an Tracker & Ad Blocker like Ghostery, makes it harder for the company to track you around the internet and collect even more data about you.

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Norway Bans Meta From Showing Users Personalized Ads

Failure to comply will result in a daily fine of $100,000.

Advertising Ad Tech Ad Industry Tracking Personalized Ads Norway

Google Bard Is Greenlit in Europe After Addressing EU Privacy Concerns

The temporarily-delayed Google Bard is now available in the European Union, as the Irish DPC has decided that Google has provided enough information to assuage EU privacy concerns. Google Bard is adding the ability to opt out of personal data collection.

Data Collection Data Privacy Privacy Protection Bard AI Google

Even the Government Thinks It Should Stop Buying Corporate Surveillance Data

U.S. government intelligence agencies are buying data about us. The danger to our civil liberties is so extreme that even the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) said things have gone too far in a detailed report released...

Surveillance Personal Information Surveillance Data

Microsoft to pay $20m for child privacy violations

The tech giant will pay $20 million to US federal regulators after illegally collecting data on children with Xbox accounts. The settlement with the Federal Trade Commission includes enhanced protections for child gamers. Microsoft violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act by failing to obtain parental consent and retaining personal data on children under 13 for longer than necessary. The company must implement new safety measures, such as deleting data after two weeks without consent.

COPPA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Data Privacy Child Protection Online Privacy Protection Microsoft Xbox
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