Privacy Digest 18/23

Google Antitrust Trial: Google Viewed Exclusive Search Deals as a ‘Weapon,’ Justice Department says

A lawyer for the federal government argued that Google has illegally protected its internet search monopoly using deals struck with smartphone makers. Google’s lawyer says governments want people to use inferior products.

Google Antitrust Trial Search Engines Online Search

How to Block Search Engine Ads on Opera

If you decided for Opera as your main browser, this is for you! Discover how to use Ghostery's ad blocker to enhance your online experience with smart ad-blocking and enjoy uninterrupted browsing while searching on Google.

Opera Ad Blocker Search Engines Private Search Private Browsing

Facebook Trains Its AI on Your Data. Opting Out May Be Futile

Here's how to request that your personal information not be used to train Meta's AI model. "Request" is the operative word here.

Meta Facebook AI Data Privacy Data Collection

How to Prepare for AI Spam

AI-driven spam is a serious threat that can cause more harm than traditional spam tactics. We have create a guide to help you take proactive measures.

Phishing Emails AI Spam Spam AI Chatbots AI Voice Cloning Ghostery Guide

It’s Official: Cars Are Terrible at Privacy and Security

All 25 car brands we researched earned our *Privacy Not Included warning label – making cars the worst category of products that we have ever reviewed.

Cars *privacy not included Mozilla Data Privacy Privacy Security
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