Privacy Digest 24/23

Is Meta’s ad-free service just another way to make people pay for privacy?

The owner of Instagram and Facebook thought an ad-free subscription service would satisfy European data cops – some advocacy groups aren’t so sure.

Ad-Free Service Facebook Instagram Meta Privacy Protection

How Ghostery Categorizes Trackers

Learn about web trackers with Ghostery's guide on online tracker categories. Understand how they work and their impact on your digital privacy and security.

Tracker Database WhoTracks.Me Ghostery Tracker Categories Antitracking

Data Breach at 23andMe Affects 6.9 Million Profiles, Company Says

Hackers were able to obtain access to ca. 6.9 Million profiles because customers reused old passwords, the genetic testing company said. In some cases these means access to ancestry trees, birth years and geographic locations.

Data Breach 23andMe Genetics Passwords

5 ways AI changed the internet in 2023

Since its release in November 2022, ChatGPT has rapidly grown, sparking a generative AI race in Big Tech and raising philosophical, ethical, and governmental concerns about AI's impact. Its influence is particularly evident on the internet, where it has contributed to hype, fear-mongering, viral deepfakes, ethical debates, and the accelerated "enshittification" of the web. The reliance of AI models on AI-generated data, leading to their collapse, underscores AI's significant and complex footprint on the internet this year.

AI ChatGPT AI Chatbots OpenAI

California's privacy watchdog eyes AI rules with opt-out and access rights

California's Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) is drafting comprehensive rules to regulate Automated Decision-Making Technology (ADMT), impacting how companies, especially those in Big Tech and AI, use people's data. Inspired by the EU's GDPR, these regulations aim to grant Californians rights over automated decisions, including opt-out rights, pre-use notices, and access rights. This will enable residents to understand and control how their data is used for automation and AI.

CPPA Automated Decision-Making Technology AI Rules AI Governance California’s Privacy Protection Agency Data Privacy
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