Privacy Digest 07/24

Who’s In the Know: The Privacy Pulse Report by Ghostery

Ghostery research finds that industry insiders are significantly more likely to use adblockers and be more skeptical of their online safety, underscoring concerns about the current severity of user tracking. 76% of experienced cybersecurity professionals and 72% of programmers reported using an adblocker, compared to 52% of Americans.

Ghostery Adblocking Tracking Big Tech Adblock Usage

The Markup Tested Kids’ Smart Toys for Privacy. Here’s How You Can, Too

All you need: your computer or smartphone, some free tools, and your child’s internet- or Bluetooth-connected toy.

Child Protection Toys Privacy Protection Data Privacy

JPMorgan Chase launches digital media business

JPMorgan Chase just launched a new digital media business that would allow advertisers to target the Wall Street bank's 80 million customers based on their spending data. The new platform called Chase Media Solutions will combine the scale of a retail media network with Chase-owned transaction data that will help brands to precisely target customers, the company said. The launch of the media business comes two years after JPMorgan acquired card-linking marketing platform Figg.

Tracking Financial Privacy JPMorgan Chase Financial Data Broker Ad Tech Surveillance Advertising Card-Linking Marketing

What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world

A Microsoft engineer noticed something was off on a piece of software he worked on. He soon discovered someone was probably trying to gain access to computers all over the world.

Cybercrime System Security Security Hacking Microsoft Linux

Google agrees to destroy browsing data collected in Incognito mode

As part of a proposed class action settlement, Google agreed to destroy or anonymize billions of web browsing records collected in Incognito mode and enhance disclosure about data collection practices. The settlement, valued at $5 billion, mandates changes to Google's data handling and disclosures, potentially affecting 136 million users. It aims for transparency and accountability in internet privacy, with no direct damages to the class but provisions for individual claims. Google, calling the lawsuit meritless, emphasized its commitment to user privacy and the non-association of data with users in Incognito mode.

Incognito Mode Google Lawsuit
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