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Ghostery Donation Details

Effective Date: June 22, 2020

These Donation Details govern your use of Ghostery products specified below at the terms set out herein. In addition to these Donation Details, the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) and the General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) between you and Ghostery GmbH (“Ghostery”), which are explicitly incorporated by reference herein, govern our relationship and your use of Ghostery products. Together, these Donation Details, the GTC, and the EULA are referred to as the “License.” In case of a conflict between the EULA or the GTC and these Donation Details, these Donation Details shall govern. Terms shall have the meaning set out in the EULA and the GTC.

1. Contributor extras

Contributor extras

All users
Donation options
  • $4.99 USD /month/user*
  • ‍$47.88 USD /year/user*
    ($3.99 USD /month/user*)
  • $11.99 USD /month/user*
  • $107.88 USD /year/user*
    ($8.99 USD /month/user*)
Browser Tracker Protection
All Browsers
All Browsers
Browser Ad Blocking
All Browsers
All Browsers
Custom Blocking Preferences
Ad-free Search Engine
Not included
Extension Themes
Not included
Historical Extension Stats
Not included
Tracker Analytics
Not included

2. Contributor extras offered by:
Ghostery GmbH, Arabellastraße 23, 81925 Munich, Germany

3. Fees and taxes
*All prices are net prices excluding taxes and fees. In the process of donation fees and taxes, e.g. your local VAT, will be added.

4. Frequency of Charges
Monthly payments or annual payments will be automatically charged to your credit card.

5. Increases:
Ghostery may, in its sole discretion, increase the Donation size prior to the end of the Minimum Term. Any increase will become effective once a new term starts unless you decide to terminate.

6. Term:
Monthly for monthly donations, and annually for annual donations, subject to Ghostery’ receipt of timely payment unless terminated by either Party.

7. Minimum Term:
Minimum Term for monthly donations is one (1) month, and Minimum Term for annual donations is one (1) year.

8. Termination:
Either Party may terminate the License at any time prior to expiration of the Minimum Term. Unless terminated by either Party, the Term shall automatically extend for the next applicable Minimum Term.

9. Scope of License:

10. Updates & Upgrades:
Ghostery may, in its sole discretion, offer updates and upgrades during the term, but has no obligation to do so.

11. Support / Services:
Ghostery may, in its sole discretion, offer support and maintenance of the Contributor extras during the Term.