Ghostery’s Signature Privacy Protection Technologies, Now Baked into a Browser

We’ve integrated our tools so that you can surf with the fastest, smartest, and most transparent privacy defense.

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Tracker protection

Ghostery Browser levels up the protection that our Extension users know and love us for. We’ve smartened up and strengthened our data-shielding tools by baking them into our browser.


Ghostery provides you with not one, but TWO lines of privacy defense. Our anti-tracking (a.k.a. data anonymizing) technology strips your personal data from being transmitted to unidentified trackers.

Insights’ intelligence

See who’s tracking you with our intelligence tool. Originally designed for professionals, Ghostery Insights is now integrated with our privacy protection products for full transparency.

Faster browsing

By blocking the various clutter that typically loads with a webpage, Ghostery makes surfing the web an all-around faster experience.

Meet Ghostery Search, the World’s First Ad-Free Private Search Engine

Stay cloaked in Ghostery-grade protection while you explore the web.

Ghostery Search is built into our browser and available with a Plus subscription. This one-of-a-kind search engine does NOT log your search history, which means you get served objective results, not results that are filtered by the likelihood you’ll click on them.

Stay cloaked in Ghostery-grade protection while you explore the web

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