Does Technology Make the World Bigger or Smaller?

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Jordanna Kalkhof 7 апреля, 2020

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Does technology make the world bigger or smaller? It’s a tricky question to answer – mostly because it depends on the way you look at it.


A connected world

Today the world is more connected than ever. The internet, smartphones, social media platforms, gaming, and other forms of tech have created a universal way for people to shop, read the news, meet people, share ideas, and more. According to Statista, “Almost 4.54 billion people were active internet users as of January 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population.” Smartphones allow us to talk to friends and family no matter where they are. Social media allows us to share our thoughts and experiences while engaging with others. Simply put, with the click of a button, we have access to people – and companies – all around the globe. The globalization of companies is largely impacted by technological advancements, allowing businesses to expand worldwide. Brick and mortar locations are no longer the sole determination of a company’s market. Digital storefronts allow consumers to purchase goods and services at any time, from anywhere.


So, which one is it?

On one hand, you could argue that this level of connectedness makes the world smaller – a world where access is less limited. People feel closer. Businesses feel closer. Everything feels closer. We are able to communicate and interact, despite geographical and even lingual differences.

On the other hand, you could argue that this level of connectedness makes the world larger – again, a world where access is less limited. We can access, just about, anything. We are no longer limited to our immediate realm of everyday life. Options seem endless and possibilities abound.

So, maybe the question we should be asking isn’t, does technology make the world bigger or smaller. Instead, the question should be, does technology make the world more or less connected? In which case, the answer is more. Are we better off having so much access to the world? Do you feel like a big fish in a little pond? Or does the access make you feel like anything is possible?


For the month of April, we’ll be discussing different ways tech impacts our society. Come back next week as we dive into sustainable technology and carbon footprints.

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