Часто задаваемые вопросы


  1. Why am I being prompted to approve an update from Ghostery on Firefox?
  2. Ghostery vanished from Safari 12. How do I get it back?
  3. What are the new Ghostery 8 features?
  4. Who is Ghostery?
  5. Какие новые возможности Ghostery можно ожидать в будущем?
  6. Is Ghostery really free?
  7. What is the Human Web and what data is collected through it?
  8. How does Ghostery make money?
  9. How many trackers does Ghostery have in our library?
  10. How is using the browser extension different from blocking cookies?
  11. How does Ghostery work?
  12. How does Ghostery know if a company is tracking me?
  13. How do I find out which company the tracker belongs to?
  14. Does Ghostery work on mobile devices?
  15. Does Ghostery work in any browser?
  16. If I opted in to share my data with Ghostery is that data connected with my account?
  17. What data is collected and how is it used when I create an account?
  18. How do I know that’s really all you collect?
  19. Does Ghostery share user data with other companies?
  20. Who is Evidon?
  21. What is Ghostery Rewards?
  22. How does Ghostery work with Cliqz?
  23. Who is Cliqz?

Mobile (Ghostery Privacy Browser)

  1. Зачем Ghostery Privacy Browser запрашивает разрешение для «Контактов» (только для Android)?
  2. Зачем Ghostery Privacy Browser доступ к местоположению?
  3. Зачем Ghostery Privacy Browser доступ к камере?
  4. Откуда появляются «Новости» на начальной странице?
  5. Какие преимущества предоставляет Ghostery по сравнению с другими браузерами для мобильных устройств?
  6. Совместима ли версия моего устройства с Ghostery Privacy Browser?
  7. Как я могу изменить дополнительную поисковую систему?
  8. Почему уже отображаются результаты поиска, если я еще не завершил ввод вопроса?
  9. Почему в Ghostery отображается только один результат поиска?
  10. Как удалить мою историю?
  11. Почему на Ghosty надета маска?
  12. Что такое вкладка Ghost?
  13. Как я могу разрешить работу всем трекерам?
  14. Есть ли какие_нибудь трекеры, которые Ghostery не блокирует?
  15. Как я могу управлять трекерами на сайте?
  16. Что такое улучшенный анти_трекинг?
  17. Что такое умная блокировка?
  18. What advantages does Ghostery offer when compared to other mobile browsers?
  19. What is Enhanced Anti-Tracking?
  20. Are there any trackers not blocked by Ghostery?
  21. How can I allow all trackers?
  22. How do I delete my history?
  23. Why is Ghosty wearing a mask?
  24. How do I change the complementary search engine?
  25. Why are there already results for my search, before I even finish typing my question?
  26. Is my device compatible with the Ghostery Privacy Browser?
  27. What is Smart Blocking?
  28. Why does Ghostery only show one search result?
  29. How can I manage trackers while on a site?
  30. What is Ghost Tab?

Ghostery Start Tab

  1. What are the Ghostery Start Tab permissions used for?
  2. What do the statistics in Ghostery Start Tab show?
  3. What is Ghostery Start Tab and how is it different from a regular tab in Chrome?
  4. What features does Ghostery Start Tab offer?
  5. Can I change the way Ghostery Start Tab looks?
  6. On which browsers can I use Ghostery Start Tab?
  7. Can I get Ghostery Start Tab on my mobile device?

Ghostery Lite

  1. Why do I have to give Ghostery Access to View Webpage Content and Browsing History?
  2. What is Ghostery Lite?
  3. Why does Ghostery need to read and change content on the websites you visit?
  4. Can I still use Ghostery Lite if I’m not on Mojave?
  5. Can I still use Ghostery 5 on Safari? Can I use it alongside Ghostery Lite on Safari?
  6. Why does Ghostery Lite come as both a browser pop-up and a native Mac app?
  7. Does the Mac App need to open to use Ghostery Lite?
  8. What should I do if a page is not loading correctly while Ghostery Lite is enabled?
  9. Can I find additional information on who is tracking me?
  10. How should I interpret Ghostery Lite’s page load speed indicators?
  11. How are Ghostery Lite’s default settings selected and how do they protect me from unwanted trackers?
  12. Can I still sync my settings using my Ghostery account login?
  13. How are Ghostery Lite tracker categories defined and maintained?
  14. Can I import my old settings?
  15. What happens when I don’t have both Ghostery extensions enabled in settings?

Ghostery Plus

  1. What Are The Password Requirements?
  2. Which browsers support Ghostery Plus?
  3. I’ve ended my subscription. Why do I still have access to Ghostery Plus features?
  4. What features can I unlock with Ghostery Plus?
  5. Is Ghostery still a free extension?
  6. What does a Ghostery subscription model mean for the future?
  7. What is Ghostery Plus?

Ghostery Insights Beta

  1. What Are The Password Requirements?
  2. Is Ghostery Insights Beta Available In Multiple Languages?
  3. Which Currencies Are Supported For Ghostery Insights Beta?
  4. For Which Browsers Is Ghostery Insights Beta Available?
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