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Ghostery Unveils Most Advanced AI-Powered Privacy Protection Tool on the Market

Ghostery, a provider of free software that makes your web browsing experience faster, cleaner and safer by detecting and blocking thousands of third-party data-tracking technologies, today released Ghostery 8, the newest version of its popular browser extension for privacy protection. Equipped with new default settings and a simplified user interface that makes it easy for everybody to protect their privacy and regain control over their data. It combines the best of blocklist and AI-powered anti-tracking technologies to set a new bar in privacy protection. Ghostery 8 is free to download for many popular browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Cliqz, Edge, Opera and Yandex.

Installed by millions of users around the world to protect online privacy, speed up websites, and eliminate ads and clutter, Ghostery is the most powerful tool to detect and block trackers – which are present in at least 77 percent of the world’s websites. According to a recent study, tracking scripts from Google (60.3 percent) and Facebook (27.1 percent) are predictably the most prevalent, however Ghostery identified thousands of other tracking scripts, some of them run by obscure companies with questionable business models.

Ghostery 8 Provides Complete Protection
Since its launch in 2009, Ghostery has offered the most comprehensive database of trackers in the market; it allows users to prevent all known tracking scripts from loading, using either its default settings or customizable options. But as tracking companies constantly update existing trackers and add new ones, it would be impossible to detect and block all trackers on the internet. To solve this gap in protection, Ghostery now has added a new technology to the blocklist-based approach: AI-powered anti-tracking for complete protection. This new technology was developed by Ghostery’s parent company, Cliqz, which specializes in building revolutionary technologies for private browsing and search. Ghostery 8’s enhanced privacy protection detects and overwrites any uniquely identifying data points being passed to a third party – even trackers that aren’t caught by Ghostery’s comprehensive blocklist. The combination of these two technologies means that Ghostery protects users’ privacy better than any other tool in the world.

“Today, ad tech companies control how websites look, how fast they load, and how much data they collect to monitor our online behavior,” said Jeremy Tillman, Director of Product at Ghostery.  “Anti-tracking tools help users browse the web on their terms, giving them the knowledge and power to make informed decisions about whether to allow tracking or not, pressuring ad tech companies and publishers to implement their technologies in a way that respects users’ privacy and user experience.”

Ghostery 8 makes it easier than ever for consumers to protect their privacy; simply installing the browser extension switches off unnecessary tracking – making websites look cleaner and load faster. Not only is Ghostery 8 the privacy tool of choice for the most tech-savvy internet users, but it now features a new one-click “Smart Mode” that immediately protects users’ privacy and improves website performance with a simpler interface, ideal for beginners. Its enhanced anti-tracking protection and smart blocking technologies selectively block trackers to maximize page speed and optimize page performance by default. And beyond the traditional Tracker List view, Ghostery 8 now supports additional dashboards that provide even greater insight into what trackers are doing on a webpage. These dashboards will provide even more detail about data collection, tracker stats and page performance.

“Anti-tracking is quickly becoming mainstream – an essential part of every browser,” continued Tillman. “Popular browsers such as Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox already offer very basic anti-tracking tools and even Google’s Chrome is implementing a limited ad-blocker, though this will almost certainly not block the vast majority of trackers, including Google’s own extensive library. While these built-in browser tools bring privacy protection to the average person, they all fall far short of Ghostery’s capabilities. Luckily, Ghostery 8 is free to download for many popular browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Cliqz, Edge, Opera and Yandex.”



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We live in a connected world.  When you browse the internet, there are thousands of unseen tracking technologies that connect you and your browsing data to companies across the world so that they can target you with ads and communications, analyze your browsing behavior, and integrate their own third-party web technologies. These trackers slow down page load time as they transmit and download data, increase clutter on websites with ads and pop-ups, and put your information at risk as they share your browsing behavior with other companies.

The internet sucks.  Ghostery makes it suck less.

Ghostery offers a free browser extension and mobile browser that make browsing the internet cleaner, faster, and safer.  Ghostery detects and blocks tracking technologies on the websites you visit to speed up page loads, eliminate clutter, and protect your data and privacy.  It also keeps you informed on what companies are tracking you and gives you the tools you need to determine what to block and when.  Ghostery continues to innovate and evolve its products to provide the most effective tool in building a more private internet that puts the needs of users first.

Ghostery was created in 2008 by David Cancel and is based in New York City.  Cliqz GmbH, a German-based company headquartered in Munich, Germany and backed by Mozilla and Hubert Media acquired Ghostery from Evidon, Inc in 2017.

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