Howdy Ghosterians,

Due to the changes in Safari’s API, we created Ghostery Lite. Ghostery Lite is an updated version of Ghostery for Mac users that works hand in hand with Safari’s new, more aggressive approach to keeping your data secure while browsing the web. This was created for the eventual disabling of our Ghostery 5 extension for Safari which has now come into affect with the Safari 13 update.

Despite Safari’s new privacy features, the updates still do not block ads or JavaScript trackers that slow down pages and collect personal information. Ghostery Lite is designed to address these vulnerabilities, working symbiotically with Safari to extend its privacy protection by blocking ads and trackers that receive and transmit user data. We hope to be able to offer individual tracker blocker control and are looking to add this feature in future updates.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patronage.

Stay tuned for updates!

You can download Ghostery Lite by visiting

If you would like to learn more about Ghostery Lite, you may visit our FAQ page here: