Technology is weaved into many aspects of our day-to-day lives. The majority of jobs use technology of some sort, regardless of if you work in the tech industry. As a result, basic tech skills have gradually become life skills. The earlier you learn these skills, the more time you have to improve. Therefore, it makes sense for the development process to begin in schools.  

4 Basic Tech Skills that Should be Taught in School

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of tech – Students should have a general knowledge of commonly used devices and platforms. For example, the ability to manipulate computer settings, how to use Microsoft Office or similar programs, etc.
  2. Protecting your digital information – More tech = more data. Students should be taught how to protect their data both professionally and personally. This would include information about managing your digital footprint and tips for better internet safety.
  3. Efficiently using search engines – Learning is hard if you can’t find the information you need. Teach students how to optimize their searches. Find a few helpful tips and tricks here.
  4. Proper communication etiquette – Proper online communication varies between platforms. The way you text a friend and email a coworker can look very different. Students should learn the appropriate ways to communicate in certain scenarios – texting, IMs, emails, etc.

Perks of Being Proficient at Tech After School

Reduced Frustrations

Tech can be incredibly beneficial, increasing productivity, efficiency, and so much more. However, it can also do the opposite if you don’t understand how tech products and services work. Make technology work for you, not against you.

More Well-Rounded

Every business uses tech in some way. Building your skill set in this area is an effective way to prepare for jobs and develop a well-rounded resume. Set yourself apart by proving you are technologically adept and can easily learn the required platforms for a particular role.

You’re Your Own Tech Support

Encountering occasional issues with technology is inevitable. Having a good grasp of the foundations of tech can enable you to resolve many problems on your own. Pocket the cash and ditch the long phone calls with tech support.

Better Understanding of Business Operations

It is likely that different teams within a business use different technologies. While it may not be necessary to become an expert at all of them, it can be helpful to know the basics of each. This can provide a big-picture understanding of how a business operates and the effort required to complete day-to-day tasks.

More Collaboration Opportunities

Knowing the basics of each technology a company uses can also foster more opportunities for collaboration and broaden work experiences. This is particularly true of small businesses where employees often wear multiple hats in regard to job roles.