Our Values:

Our work is anchored in values that align with our mission:

Brand values: what we do

Choose privacy. Adapt strategy.

We choose the privacy-first way of doing things and adapt our strategy to that approach.

Delight users. Nurture relationships.

Everything we do is in favor of our user’s privacy and we listen to our users’ feedback to build products for them.

Be passionate. Be transparent.

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re transparent about what we do with our users and our team.

Do research. Use evidence.

We build our products based on evidence and data, not intuition.

Be creative. Seek innovation.

We think big and step outside of our comfort zones to deliver new and innovative products.

Build small. Learn fast.

We adopt an agile approach to build and test early on so that we learn from our mistakes sooner.

Cultural values: how we do it

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