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How Ghostery Can Help Your Business

Do any of these issues sound familiar? We bet at least one of them does — or probably many. 

  • Why is this page slow?
  • This tag won’t load!
  • Our competitor is re-targeting our customers, and I can’t figure out how.
  • Where is that tag? It’s not on our site!
  • Are our marketing partners compliant with current privacy standards?
  • I never approved that tag!
  • Why is there a mixed-content warning on this secure page?
  • Which department manages the relationship with this marketing technology?
  • The agency added more tags to the tag manager without getting our approval.

These are all problems that arise from your marketing cloud, which is the mix of technologies — such as analytics tools and ad networks — that you rely on to grow your business. But tackling each of these issues, not to mention any new ones that arise, can feel like a game of whack-a-mole. 

The good news is, you can stop playing whack-a-mole and take control of your marketing cloud with Ghostery MCM

Ghostery MCM gives back control of your digital assets and your customer relationships. You get smarter because you can see the benefits and the costs of the technologies in your marketing cloud. You get more efficient because you can spot and solve problems quickly and easily.

It starts with knowing where your blind spots are. Do you know where yours are? 

Blinds spots are more than management headaches; they cost you money and hurt your brand. Let’s face it: you use digital marketing technology all day, every day, to power, optimize, socialize, and measure your business. You know that managing these technologies is complex, but marketing technologies can also cost you more than they make you.

Don’t let your marketing cloud come between your brand and your customers. Ghostery’s solutions help you with:

  • Performance
  • Governance
  • Privacy
  • Security

Take control of your marketing cloud today. Learn more about Ghostery MCM or Ghostery Privacy solutions now.

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