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If your marketing cloud is out of control, it costs you money and hurts your brand — and your bottom line. Regardless of what industry your company works in, your marketing cloud needs to be managed.

Every industry faces unique challenges in ensuring the security and privacy of its data and that of its customers. Below, learn how Ghostery can help address the issues unique to your industry that are preventing you from maximizing your site’s ROI.

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  • Let customers browse your site and buy what they want as quickly as they want it — without waiting for a slow site to load. Or worse, not sticking around to wait.
  • Ensure competitors can’t buy your customers’ data and learn their shopping preferences because of a wayward tag on your site.
  • Give yourself peace of mind that your customers’ credit card data is secure. 


  • Let customers book rooms, flights, and rides without worrying about their personal information being stolen.
  • Help customers quickly browse flight availability or hotel openings without worrying that they’ll run to your competitors because your site is too slow. 
  • Keep customers’ travel preferences yours — don’t let your competitors buy them from a third-party tracker!

Financial Services

  • Don’t let data-security breaches devastate your business.
  • Ensure that your clients can make trades, transfers, and other transactions at the speed they need to.
  • Keep current with all data governance best practices so that you don’t fall behind your competitors.


  • Your business is agile and fast — make sure your website is, too.
  • Don’t let confusing and oft-changing data governance practices eat up your precious time.
  • Keep customers’ personal data private.


  • Don’t give competitors — not to mention regulators — anything to nitpick when it comes to your site’s data security.
  • Keep your site moving as fast as the day’s headlines. 
  • Focus on creating the content that customers love — not on deciphering data governance regulations.

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