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Ghostery in Your Inbox

Ghostery in Your Inbox
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Ghostery lives in your browser with the mission of augmenting your browsing experience to make it transparent, fast and private. We believe it is our responsibility to not only offer a broader context to our mission and why we do what we do, but also to act as an informational resource to you about privacy-related topics, and what we internally call “things that touch the privacy-nerve”.

We decided to employ our in-house aggregation and curation expertise to land a biweekly newsletter in your inbox. We will be covering different aspects of digital privacy from reviews on virtual private networks, information on new types of trackers that we get to know via our trackers database WhoTracks.Me, personal data handling on different platforms to general tips on how to better handle your digital identity. We are excited to offer this resource to you to help you keep your data secure, no matter how you move online.

As an inveterate Ghostery user, you may have seen us publish articles that have spurred important privacy conversations on Twitter, which the Ghostery community found quite useful. We decided to level up and bring this information to you via newsletter, making it a regular read and an educational resource, empowering us all.

We aggregate authoritative publishers, scan privacy forums and dig deep to find underground blogs covering subjects that put us in the know. After collecting all this information, the Ghostery team curates a small list of the most impactful articles that will end up in your inbox. Sometimes we’ll make space for our research team in the newsletter, informing about our performed studies to improve the Ghostery Privacy Suite.

Open to all. Ghostery user or not.

While using the Ghostery Privacy Suite is the best way to keep your data private as you browse the web, it's important to us to offer this informational resource to everyone, whether they use Ghostery or not. We hope that by learning more about the importance of privacy, internet users will see the value in what Ghostery has to offer.