Privacy Digest 02/23

How Google's long period of online dominance could end

For the better part of 15 years, Google has seemed like an unstoppable force, powered by the strength of its online search engine and digital advertising business. But both now look increasingly vulnerable.

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Artists accuse Adobe of tracking their design process to power its AI

A curious setting in Adobe Photoshop’s privacy preferences has the artistic community on edge.

Adobe Privacy Settings Generative AI Creative Cloud Accounts Data Privacy

TikTok CEO will testify in Congress, as pressure mounts

Shou Zi Chew, TikTok's CEO has agreed to testify before a Congressional committee on March 23. He will be asked about TikTok's consumer privacy and data security operations, the platforms' impact on children, and their relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

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A government watchdog spent $15,000 to crack a federal agency's passwords in minutes

According to the watchdog, some 5% of the government agency's passwords contained some variation of the word "password."

Password Manager Data Security Passwords

Improve & Secure Passsword Manager Data With Ghostery

Learn all about how Ghostery and a password manager can improve your data security, enhance the browsing experience and why we recommend using these tools together. Some folks at Ghostery use Dashlane Password Manager, check out their plans at the end of the article.

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