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Improve and Secure Password Manager Data with Ghostery

Key points:

  • Ghostery prevents trackers in your browser and non-private search engines from passing personal data to companies profiling you.
  • Reusing the same passwords for multiple logins is dangerous because it means that a hacker can access multiple accounts. A password manager stores your online passwords and makes it easy to use unique passwords for every account, without the need to actively remember them. 
  • Combining Ghostery with a password manager will provide optimal data privacy protection and enhance your browsing experience by making the web faster and easier to navigate.
Improve and Secure Password Manager Data with Ghostery
This article contains

Improve and Secure Password Manager Data with Ghostery

‍In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Ghostery and password managers - and how these tools can improve privacy for your passwords.

‍We will also answer important questions such as “can password managers be hacked?” and “how can I improve data security?”

Why is online privacy important? 

Roughly 5 billion people were using the internet in April 2022 according to DataReportal - equivalent to around 63% of the world's population. 

‍Cybersecurity is an area of growing concern and there has been a rapid increase in cyber threats. Internet privacy statistics reveal that 95% of US online consumers don’t trust online shopping ads and 74% are concerned about online privacy. 

Ghostery and password managers improve data security and privacy

What is Ghostery?

Ghostery is a privacy and security-related browser extension and mobile browser application that gives you the power to stop trackers, block annoying ads, and much more. 

‍When you are browsing the web, each page you visit carries invisible scripts that collect information about your online behavior. In many cases, this data is passed onto individual companies or data brokers that use the information to track internet users and create customer profiles. 

How does Ghostery work? 

‍Ghostery detects this and utilizes advanced algorithmic tracking prevention techniques to stop your personal information from leaving your browser. 

You can use the Ghostery tracker blocker extension in your preferred browser or download the Ghostery Web Browser, our private browser fully loaded with the Ghostery Privacy Suite, to create a more secure browsing experience.

In summary, Ghostery: 

  • blocks trackers on websites you visit
  • blocks tracking on non-private search engines
  • blocks ads on websites and non-private search engines 
  • prevents private data from leaving your browser
  • prevents profiling

What is a password manager?

A password manager is a software program that is designed to manage online passwords and credentials. In most cases, this information is stored in an encrypted database. 

‍Remembering multiple passwords is difficult and the 2019 Google Online Security Survey found that 52% of internet users reuse the same password for multiple accounts.  

‍The internet is not secure and websites are hacked and passwords leaked. If you reuse the same password, you need to change it everywhere. If your passwords are unique then only one service is compromised in the event of a leak or cyber attack.

How does a password manager work?

A browser password manager security feature makes it easy to use unique passwords for every account, without the need to actively remember them. You only need to remember one secure master password to unlock the vault of your password manager.

‍Dedicated password managers offer additional functionality to browser password managers like sharing passwords with your family, storing WIFI keys or notes or uploading attachments to your vault. Some even check for leaked passwords and express warnings. 

Should I use a dedicated password manager tool? 

Browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari have password managers installed but using a dedicated tool for passwords is much more secure than relying on a web browser password manager.

Are browser password managers safe and can password managers be hacked?

Browser vendors are improving, the integrated password managers are playing catch-up compared to the dedicated password managers, which have been designed with security as their primary goal.

Using a dedicated password manager tool is the best way to improve data security and stay safe online.

In summary, a password manager: 

  • stores all your passwords in a secure location 
  • generates strong, unique passwords to protect your identity 
  • saves you time by auto-filling credentials at login and checkout
  • gives you access to your password vault from any device 

What are the benefits of using Ghostery and a password manager together? 

Ghostery removes trackers which increases the security of your passwords by reducing the chance of being leaked. A password manager stores your passwords and credentials in a secure vault which makes it more difficult for hackers to access your personal information. 

In summary, a password manager helps you take control of your online security by allowing you to generate and store unique passwords. Whereas, a privacy tool like the Ghostery Privacy Suite protects you from the technical end e.g. by blocking tracker requests in your browser which you cannot do manually. 

The two applications complement each other and work together to improve your privacy, data security and browsing experience when using the web. 

Bottom line

Cyber threats are increasing and you must take steps to protect your digital privacy. The Ghostery Privacy Suite has been designed to minimize your digital footprint on the internet by preventing tracking, blocking online ads, and more. 

Installing Ghostery will help you take control of your online privacy and you can ensure optimal protection by combining our applications with other security programs like a password manager. If you want to learn more, get in touch today. 

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