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FRequently Asked Questions

Ghostery Browser Extension

Why I cannot find Ghostery in Safari Extension list?

Ghostery Dawn

How To Install Ghostery Dawn on Linux
What is Microphone/Camera Mute Switch?
What is HTTPS-Only Mode?
What is Tracker Cloaking Protection?
What is Referrer Data Leakage Protection?
What is Dynamic First Party Isolation?
What is Redirect Tracking Protection?
How can I add browser extensions to Ghostery Dawn?
Can I make Ghostery my default search engine if I’m using a browser other than Ghostery Dawn?
What makes Ghostery Dawn distinguished from other browsers?


Who is Evidon?
Does Ghostery share user data with other companies?
How do I know that’s really all you collect?
What data is collected and how is it used when I create an account?
If I opted in to share my data with the Ghostery Extension, is that data connected with my account?
Does the Ghostery Extension work in any browser?
How do I find out which company the tracker belongs to?
How does Ghostery know if a company is tracking me?
How does Ghostery work?
How is using the browser extension different from blocking cookies?
How many trackers does Ghostery have in its library?
How does Ghostery make money?
What is the Human Web and what data is collected through it?
Is Ghostery really free?
What are the 3 new symbols in the panel?
Ghostery vanished from Safari 12. How do I get it back?
What are those symbols in the purple box?

Ghostery Lite

What happens when I don’t have both Ghostery extensions enabled in settings?
Can I import my old settings?
How are Ghostery Lite tracker categories defined and maintained?
Can I still sync my settings using my Ghostery account login?
How are Ghostery Lite’s default settings selected & how do they protect against unwanted trackers?
How should I interpret Ghostery Lite’s page load speed indicators?
Can I find additional information on who is tracking me?
What should I do if a page is not loading correctly while Ghostery Lite is enabled?
Does the Mac App need to open to use Ghostery Lite?
Why does Ghostery Lite come as both a browser pop-up and a native Mac app?
Can I still use Ghostery Lite if I’m not on Mojave?
Why does Ghostery need to read and change content on the websites you visit?
What is Ghostery Lite?
Why do I have to give Ghostery Access to View Webpage Content and Browsing History?

Ghostery Glow

Is Ghostery Glow Free?
What is Ghostery Glow?

Ghostery Subscriptions

What does a Ghostery subscription model mean for the future?
What features can I unlock with a Ghostery subscription??
I’ve ended my subscription. Why do I still have access to Ghostery subscription features?
What Are The Password Requirements?
Is a coupon I redeemed before the pricing updates still valid with the new pricing?
Which currencies do the Ghostery subscription support?

Ghostery Mobile Browser

What is Ghost Tab?
How can I manage trackers while on a site?
Why does Ghostery only show one search result?
What is Smart Blocking?
Is my device compatible with the Ghostery Privacy Browser?
Why are there already results for my search, before I even finish typing my question?
How do I change the complementary search engine?
Why is Ghosty wearing a mask?
How do I delete my history?
How can I allow all trackers?
Are there any trackers not blocked by Ghostery?
What is Enhanced Anti-Tracking?
What advantages does Ghostery offer when compared to other mobile browsers?
Does Ghostery work on mobile devices?