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Block ads, cookies, popups & other trackers. Ghostery sets you up for a private, transparent, and fast internet.

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Ghostery for phones and tablets

Equipped with AI anti-tracking technology, Ghostery blocks trackers, ads and popups making your mobile browsing faster, safer and transparent. Plus, it saves data on your data plan for more zoom calls with friends, sharing adventures when they crop up.

Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker panel for Safari mobile displaying tracker data on visited website

iOS and iPadOS

Ghostery for Safari

Ghostery’s vital privacy protection features that our users have come to know and love on desktop browsers are now condensed for Safari on iPhone and iPad. We can even block YouTube ads.

Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker panel for Firefox mobile displaying tracker data on visited website


Ghostery for Firefox

You’d expect Ghostery for Chrome browser here but extensions are not supported. Instead, we stop ads and trackers from accessing your personal data on Android with Ghostery for Firefox.


Puts you back in the driver’s seat!

Ghostery stops trackers, ads, and popups in Chrome and keeps your personal data private and off the data brokers’ wallets. Your personal data is your business!

Privacy Protection

Ghostery will block ads, popups and trackers that carry your personal information across the web. This data can be used to harm you anytime. By using Ghostery you protect your privacy.


Behind every website visit or search you make, trackers are recording and transmitting every step you take. Ghostery’s free ad blocker neutralizes these trackers, giving you peace of mind. Over the Tracker Panel, Ghostery displays the trackers that were identified and neutralized.

Speed & Focus

The more resources load on a website, the slower it gets. Ad blockers like Ghostery speed up page loads by decluttering the web, saving your battery and data for what’s important. Enjoy a faster web browsing experience by using our free ad blocker extension that also blocks trackers.

Community Powered

Ghostery tracking protection is powered by many. Once a new tracker is detected by one of our users, everyone’s privacy improves. Our code is open source, everyone can investigate it. The world's best free ad blocker & tracker blocker extension for mobile & desktop.

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