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Ghostery is more than just an ad blocker

Ghostery provides several applications that work together to ensure optimal privacy protection. Whether you need an ad blocker, a privacy browser, or a private search engine, Ghostery has you covered.

Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker panel detailed view displaying blocked tracker categories

Tracker & Ad Blocker

Supported on every browser and device, the Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker Extension is built to block ads, stop trackers, hide ads, and prevent pop-ups while you browse the web.

Ghostery neutralizes trackers, preventing them from collecting your personal data. Our browser extension removes personal identifiers and replaces them with random values, leaving data collectors clueless about your identity.

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Ghostery Ptivate Browser displaying new tab window, mobile search results and tracking statistics.

Private Browser

Based on Firefox, the Ghostery Private Browser delivers the maximum level of speed, privacy, and security.

Our browser comes with built-in tracker & ad blocking capabilities as well as a comprehensive privacy search engine, making it your ideal choice for more privacy on the web.

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Ghostery Private Search displaying desktop and mobile search results and tracking statistics

Private Search

The Ghostery Private Search Engine provides unbiased and impartial results.

Assisted by WhoTracks.Me, our private search identifies and shows trackers even before you visit a site.

Ghostery Private Search is ad-free for Contributors.

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Ghostery Private Search displaying desktop and mobile search results and tracking statistics


WhoTracks.Me is more than just a website — it is also the backbone of our Anti-Tracking technology, which protects users from unwanted and intrusive tracking.

With WhoTracks.Me, you can learn more about the online tracking industry, its market structure, and its data-sharing practices..

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Ghostery Privacy Digest

Privacy Digest

Privacy Digest is a newsletter designed to help you stay safe and take control of your online activity and digital identity.

We send our newsletter every second Friday of the month.

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