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Ghostery: The Ultimate Tracker & Ad Blocker

Ghostery: The Ultimate Tracker & Ad Blocker
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You leave a digital footprint every time you browse the internet and companies profit from your personal data. A report by WhoTracksMe revealed that 82% of web traffic contains third-party scripts by Google, and roughly 40% of all web traffic is being tracked by Google alone. 

‍Online tracking is a widespread practice, and more people are becoming concerned about their digital privacy. In fact, a recent UK survey shows that more than 50% of respondents are more concerned about their digital privacy compared to a year ago.

‍Ghostery was designed to raise awareness of tracking and to help internet users take control of their digital privacy. Keep reading to find out why Ghostery is the ultimate ad and tracker blocker on the market today!

What is Ghostery?

Ghostery is a complete Ghostery Privacy Suite with several applications that work together to ensure optimal privacy protection.

1. Tracker & Ad Blocker Browser Extension

Ghostery’s ad content blocker extension is equipped with AI technology that blocks annoying ads and prevents tracking techniques. Our free pop up blocker is equipped with the latest anti-tracking technology to improve your digital health and browsing experience. 

‍Ghostery is rated as one of the best ad blockers on the market. Check out what tech sites are saying about Ghostery…

“Ghostery brings strong design and protection together into a smart package that does a good job blocking ads and provides enormous insight into what is tracking you and how. We were also impressed that it earned a perfect score from adblocker-tester and did a good job blocking trackers.” - PCMag

2. Ghostery Private Browser 

The Ghostery Private Browser, part of Ghostery’s Privacy Suite, is a free privacy browser with integrated private search engine.

The Best Browser for Privacy 

Ghostery Private Browser is a secure and private browser that prevents browser tracking and protects data privacy. Our free private browser also provides useful insights about internet trackers on web pages to improve transparency and raise awareness about data tracking. 

Ghostery Private Search is a powerful private search engine that does not track or log your browsing history, meaning you get served objective results, not results that are filtered by the likelihood you’ll click on them. Using a private search engine will protect your personal data and Ghostery's private search is considered one of the best search engines for privacy.

Why should I use a private search engine? 

  • Traditional search engines track all of your browsing activity and build a user profile which can then be sold to third-party companies. Data privacy is a growing concern and according to a KPMG survey 78% of people are worried about the amount of data being collected online.  
  • Turning on private browsing mode in some browsers offers some protection, but the websites you visit can still track you online. A private search engine is the safest option if you want to keep your personal data secure. 
  • A private search engine like Ghostery Glow will protect your personal data, keep your browsing history hidden, and ensure you get served unbiased search results. 

Ghostery Private Search is built into the Ghostery Private Browser, part of the complete Ghostery Privacy Suite. It is also available as a browser extension in both Firefox and Chrome.‍

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Why should I use Ghostery?

Ghostery is a complete Privacy Suite that can be tailored to your needs and preferences. ‍

You can install our ad blocker browser extension if you want to remove ads and prevent tracking in your preferred browser. Alternatively, you can download our free private browser with built-in private search if you want optimal data protection. ‍

In summary, Ghostery: 

  • Blocks ads and pop ups on websites and non-private search engines
  • Blocks trackers on websites and non-private search engines
  • Prevents private data from leaving your browser
  • Prevents profiling

Where can I use Ghostery? 

Ghostery is compatible with all major web browsers and can be used as an ad blocker for Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari. This means you can have confidence knowing that your data is protected regardless of what browser or device you use. 

What else can you use Ghostery for?

  • Stop Facebook ads and pop ups from appearing - this will remove visual distractions and enhance your overall browsing experience. 
  • Block annoying YouTube ads - Ghostery’s ad blocker prevents you from seeing roughly 99% of the ads on YouTube.
  • Remove intrusive cookie consent pop ups and express dissent to tracking - learn about Ghostery’s new cookie-blocking feature ‘Never Consent’ here.

How much does Ghostery cost? 

We are on a mission to make the internet fast, transparent, and private for everyone which is why our core products are free to use within our Contributor Program.

However, Ghostery needs resources to achieve this goal which is why we recently aligned our revenue model with our mission. Together, we can drive innovation in privacy and deliver even greater online protection for all internet users!

Support our mission by becoming a Contributor

  • Provide professional expertise: Offer coding skills, report broken pages, update our database of trackers, or simply spread Ghostery’s mission to the world! 
  • Provide financial support: Make a monthly or annual payment. Every contribution, no matter how big or small will help us create a more private browsing experience for users around the world.  
  • We reward our Contributors with premium features and bonuses to thank them for their support. Find out more here. 

Take control of your digital privacy today! 

Download the Ghostery Privacy Suite if you want to prevent tracking, block annoying ads, and maintain the highest privacy protection when using the internet. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions - we are always happy to help!