How to block Youtube Ads with Ghostery

Yes! Absolutely!

After running extensive internal tests, we are pleased to confirm that Ghostery is an effective ad blocker for YouTube and prevents you from seeing roughly 99% of the ads on the platform. 

Our ad blocker is extremely potent at blocking YouTube ads, but if any sneaky YouTube ads slip through the filters and magical cosmetics, please drop us a line with the example at

This information is extremely valuable as it will help us improve our service and make Ghostery a more effective YouTube ad blocker.

How does Ghostery block ads on YouTube?

Ghostery ad blocker works by leveraging open source block lists. These lists are updated and maintained by an amazing community of developers worldwide that is dedicated to improving online privacy.

Why do I occasionally see ad(s) on YouTube?

There are two main reasons why you might see ads on YouTube even when using a YouTube ad blocker like Ghostery:

  • The newly detected tracker has not been added to the community block lists yet as it has just emerged on the tracking landscape and is still under assessment.
  • The tracker behind some of the ads has been categorized as ‘not fit for blocking’ yet as it causes a high amount of site breakage. This situation makes everybody unhappy, but there is no way around it, unfortunately. You can either block the specific tracker or break the web page.

What to do if you see ads on YouTube using Ghostery?

If you are seeing regular ads on YouTube, please check your personal settings in the Ghostery Browser Extension - They may be misconfigured and need a simple adjustment.

Troubleshooting steps

Is your Ghostery ad blocker disabled?

Ghostery Settings Ad-Blcoking OFF- Simple View

Ghostery Settings Ad-Blocking OFF - Detailed View

If following the steps in the above two screens did not solve the issue and block YouTube ads, go deeper into your Ghostery Settings and check if one step deeper into your Ghostery Settings and check if is listed as a trusted site.

For the Ghostery Ad-Blocker to block ads as desired, you should not trust the site

Is Ghostery Ad-blocker enabled? 

For the Ghostery Ad-blocker to work as intended on, the settings need to appear as they are on the screens below:

Ghostery Ad-Blcoking ON - Simple View

Ghostery Ad-Blocking ON- Detailed View

Finally, make sure the Ghostery ad blocker is enabled in your Ghostery Browser Extension panel and set up to block ads on

Drop us a line at if you have any questions. We are always available to help you stay safe online and protect your digital identity!