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Trackers Preview on search engine results page

Trackers Preview on search engine results page
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Search engines play a key role in online tracking. Companies knowing our search queries, will quickly learn how individual decisions are made and use that knowledge to influence further.
There is no such thing as universal, unbiased search when this situation occurs, and no possibility for true privacy.

While the choice of search engines is an individual decision, Ghostery aims to increase awareness among users that search is one of the main trackers out there.

The new Trackers Preview wheel we implemented on search engine results pages let’s you catch sight of a tracker heavily-loaded website before you visit, adding even more transparency to the web.

Ghostery further prevents non-private search engines from tracking your clicks. That information entirely scrubbed off by any user data is then reported to WhoTracks.Me, improving the privacy and protection we offer to all our users.

Starting with Ghostery 8.6.1 the Trackers Preview is enabled by default but can be easily disabled in Ghostery Settings.

Settings for Trackers Preview