Privacy Digest 01/22

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Why Ghostery lands in your inbox

Hello there, you are the first to receive the opening edition of the Ghostery Privacy Digest. We believe it is our responsibility to act as an informational resource to you about privacy-related topics to help you keep your data secure, no matter how you move online. ­

Safari leaks private data, Ghostery has a quick fix

A critical vulnerability has been disclosed on January 14th. It affects both Safari on Desktop and all mobile browsers on iOS and iPadOS. The bug detected by FingerprintJS is violating one of the internet’s most profound rules - the same-origin policy. In this case, data stored by websites via an API called IndexedDB is available to any script running in the browser. What you should do? Well ... Update Ghostery!

Ghostery Apple Vulnerabilities Information Leaks iOS 15 iPadOS 15 Safari 15

Report finds glaring security flaws in Olympic app

A smartphone app that's expected to be widely used by athletes and others attending next month's Winter Games in Beijing has glaring security problems that could expose sensitive data to interception, according to a report recently published.

Data Security MY2022 Winter Games Winter Games China

Algorithms for a Just Future

Modern life means leaving digital traces wherever we go. But those digital footprints can translate to real-world harms: the websites you visit can impact the mortgage offers, car loans and job options you see advertised. This surveillance-based, algorithmic decision-making can be difficult to see, much less address.

How to Fix the Internet Data Privacy Redlining Algorithmic Decisions Digital Traces Transparency

The metaverse data privacy debate is getting feisty: here’s what you need to know

The fabrication and functionality of the metaverse is sure to rely on new kinds of potentially sensitive information like biometric data. At the same time, however, as the infrastructure of web3 shifts power away from platforms and toward creators, users could have more say over who has access to their personal information than ever before. As part of The Drum’s Metaverse Deep Dive, experts hash out how the landscape of consumer data privacy might transform in a decentralized metaverse.

Biometric Data Data Privacy web3 Decentralized Web Metaverse

Three Ways Brands Can Embrace Data Privacy To Win Consumer Trust

Data privacy laws must put consumers back in the driver’s seat with the ability to easily opt out and revoke access to their data.

Brands Marketing Data Privacy Consumer Trust
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