Privacy Digest 04/22

Your Graphics Card Can Be Used to Track Your Movements on the Web, Researchers Find

A research team has discovered that a GPU can be fingerprinted, thus transforming it into a web tracker that can monitor computer users.

Tracking Graphics Card Fingerprinting

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How Private is Your Bank Account?

Your friends, your medical concerns, your political ideology— financial transactions tell the story of your life in intimate details. But U.S. law has failed to protect this sensitive data from prying eyes. Join EFF’s Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien as they talk to Marta Belcher, one of the leading lawyers working on issues of financial censorship and financial privacy, as they help you understand why we need better protections for our financial lives—and the important role courts must play in getting things right.

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The New Rules of Data Privacy

Navigating privacy protection, new regulation, and consumer revolt.

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Third-Party Cookies in Chrome Will Soon Be Gone. Are You Ready to Act?

Concerns about data privacy have led companies such as Google and Apple to announce new policies that affect digital marketers. Learn how to prepare.

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Learn what you need to become a privacy and data protection expert for $20

Privacy violations are a huge deal in today's digital world, and companies need experts to save them from highly severe penalties for non-compliance.

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