Privacy Digest 10/22

How to use Ghostery’s privacy-minded Dawn browser

Lance Whitney at Tech Republic reviewed Ghostery Dawn, our browser with integrated ad blocking and anti-tracking technology as well as private search. Here's how to download and set it up.

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DDG confirms tracker blocking limit linked to Microsoft contract

DuckDuckGo, the self-styled “internet privacy company” — which, for years, has built a brand around a claim of non-tracking web search and, more recently, launched its own ‘private’ browser with built-in tracker blocking — has found itself in hot water after a researcher found hidden limits on its tracking protection that create a carve-out for certain advertising data requests by its search syndication partner, Microsoft.

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Guardian launches Tor onion service

Readers of the Guardian can now access our journalism entirely within the Tor network – an internet communication system designed to promote online privacy and offer enhanced protection from digital surveillance. Available at: https://www.guardian2zotagl6tmjucg3lrhxdk4dw3lhbqnkvvkywawy3oqfoprid.onion

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Proton Is Trying to Become Google—Without Your Data

The encrypted-email company, popular with the security-conscious, has a plan to go mainstream.

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Gartner Identifies Top Five Trends in Privacy Through 2024

As privacy regulations increase globally, @Gartner_IT says organizations should focus on 5 privacy trends that will impact enterprises through 2024.

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The role of AI in data privacy

AI can help businesses improve customer experience in a way that both satisfies data privacy advocates and makes ecommerce more efficient.

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