Privacy Digest 15/22

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iOS Privacy: Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser

A newly compiled analysis by @KrauseFx proves that Facebook and Instagram continue to track users through their in-app browsers on Apple devices, using a custom tracker codenamed ‘Meta Pixel’. You can escape this privacy trap in two ways: whenever you open a link from Instagram (or Facebook or Messenger) make sure to click the dots in the corner to open the page in Safari instead, helping you escape the in-app-webview. Another safer option would be to use the products in conventional browsers (if you can), where you have installed your preferred tracker blocker, Ghostery. That annihilates the tracking.

iOS Tracking In-App Browser Facebook Privacy Instagram Privacy Protection

How to find out if you are involved in a data breach -- and what to do next

Here's a guide highlighting the tools you can use to determine if your account is at risk.

Have I Been Pwned Data Breach Data Leak Password Manager Identity Theft ID Fraud

Why you need a secret phone number (and how to get one)

No, they're not just for spies, philanderers, or drug dealers.

Phone Number Public Identifier Authentication Privacy

Data Is The Nuclear Waste Of The Information Age: On Big Tech And Privacy

“They’re all redefining privacy to their own benefit in a lot of ways ... but obviously, I think privacy should be defined from the perspective of the user ... that’s the only perspective that actually counts.”

Privacy Protection Data Privacy Big Tech Advertising Manifest V3 GDPR Browsers App Tracking Transparency Apple Facebook Google Google’s Privacy Sandbox

Will Europe Force a Facebook Blackout?

Regulators are close to stopping Meta from sending EU data to the US, bringing a years-long privacy battle to a head.

Facebook GDPR Meta Data Protection Data Privacy Data Transfer Regulation

The iRobot Deal Would Give Amazon Maps Inside Millions of Homes

Why is the Roomba company worth $1.7 billion to Amazon? It’s not the dust, it’s the data.

Amazon Roomba iRobot Surveillance Robotics Personal Information Interior Maps

Inside the Dark Industry Where Old Cellphones and Computers Go to Die

In Seelampur, India, workers dismantle discarded cellphones, computers, and other e-waste for less than $2 a day. The health consequences are dire.

E-Waste Computers Cellphones
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