Privacy Digest 20/22

Chrome's Incognito Mode Is The Butt Of Jokes Among Google Employees, It Seems

Google is facing a potential class action lawsuit over Chrome's incognito mode, a feature that many consumers believe offers more privacy than it actually does.

Incognito Mode Chrome Privacy Lawsuit Browsers Privacy

DuckDuckGo for Mac beta now open to the public

Enjoy browsing again with an app that cleans up the web as you use it, thanks to DuckDuckGo's unique privacy protections.

DuckDuckGo Private Browser Email Privacy YouTube Bitwarden

Protect your phone number with Firefox Relay

Whether you're signing up for deals or making reservations, you don't have to give away your real number with Firefox Relay's new feature. Mozilla has launched Firefox Relay in 2020 to hide your real email address and help protect your identity. This Cybersecurity Awareness Month an update and user-requested feature has been released to public: protection for your personal phone number.

Mozilla Firefox Relay Privacy Protection Phone Number Smishing Scam Texts Email Privacy

New kids’ app teaches digital privacy while blocking trackers

The Do Not Track Kids app will help you fight back against tech companies who harvest kids' data.

Do Not Track Kids Child Protection Online Data Privacy Privacy Protection COPPA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Amazon becoming the Everything Tracker: The Rise of ‘Luxury Surveillance’

Surveillance isn’t just imposed on people: Many of us buy into it willingly.

Amazon Tracking Surveillance Data Privacy Privacy Protection

How Bots Corrupted Advertising

Botmasters have created a Kafkaesque system where companies are paying huge sums to show their ads to bots. And everyone is fine with this.

Advertising Ad Tech Ad Industry Bots
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