Privacy Digest 04/24

UK's data watchdog issues reminder to fertility apps about protecting user privacy

Following a review of period and fertility apps, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reminded developers to prioritize user privacy, emphasizing the importance of protecting sensitive personal data despite no serious compliance issues or harm found.

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Privacy Isn't Dead. Far From It.

Jason Kelley from the Electronic Frontier Foundation counters the common belief among privacy advocates that "privacy is dead," emphasizing that this sentiment, while understandable, isn't entirely accurate. He argues that significant progress is being made in the realm of privacy protection. Moreover, California Attorney General Bonta highlights that selling personal information without consent is a violation of both the California Consumer Privacy Act, which protects privacy and data, and the California Online Privacy Protection Act, requiring online services to have a privacy policy.

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Google to pay $350 million to settle shareholders' data privacy lawsuit

Google agreed to settle over a lawsuit related to a security flaw in the defunct Google+ platform, after concealing a glitch that exposed user data for years. The settlement, pending court approval, addresses shareholder claims of lost market value due to the company's delayed disclosure.

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Doordash to Pay $375,000 for California Privacy Violations

California Attorney General Rob Bonta reached a settlement earlier this week with Doordash to pay $375,000 and come under new compliance obligations after alleged violations of the California Consumer Privacy Act..

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