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How to Block Ads on Your iPhone and iPad

Key Points:

  • Most people want to block ads because they find them annoying, intrusive, or privacy-invasive, and they want to control their browsing experience.
  • Blocking ads on iPhone and iPad can improve device performance, reduce data usage, and enhance privacy.
  • Ghostery’s ad blocker extension for Safari is a powerful and versatile solution that blocks ads from thousands of sources and offers a private way to browse the web without being tracked.
How to Block Ads on Your iPhone and iPad
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Block Ads on Your iPhone and iPad

If you’re like most people, you probably use your iPhone and iPad to browse the web, watch videos, play games, and check social media. These activities expose you to a barrage of annoying and intrusive ads that ruin your online experience.

Not only do ads clutter your screen and distract you from the content you want to see, but they also slow down your device, consume your data, and compromise your privacy. That’s why you need a powerful solution to block ads on your iPhone and iPad: Ghostery.

Ghostery is a trusted name in online privacy and security, with over 100+ million downloads worldwide. Ghostery offers a range of products to help you take control of your digital life, including a private search engine and an ad blocker extension.

Why Should You Block Ads on Your iPhone and iPad?

Ads are not only annoying, but they also have a negative impact on your device performance, data usage, and privacy.

Here’s a few reasons why you should block ads on your iPhone and iPad:

  • Ads slow down your device. Ads are often loaded with scripts, images, videos, and animations that consume your device’s resources and make web pages load slower. This can affect your battery life, memory, and overall performance.
  • Ads use up your data. Ads can consume a significant amount of your data plan, especially if they are video or audio ads. This can cost you money and limit your access to other online services.
  • Ads invade your privacy. Ads are often used to track your online behavior, preferences, location, and personal information. This data is then sold to third parties or used to target you with more ads. This can expose you to identity theft, fraud, malware, and other online threats.

By blocking ads on your iPhone and iPad, you can avoid these problems and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved device performance. By blocking ads, you can free up your device’s resources and make web pages load faster. This can improve your battery life, memory, and overall performance.
  • Reduced data usage. By blocking ads, you can save your data plan and avoid extra charges. This can also help you access other online services faster and more reliably.
  • Enhanced privacy. By blocking ads, you can prevent advertisers from tracking your online activity and collecting your personal data.

How to Block Ads on iPhone and iPad

Blocking ads on your iPhone and iPad is not only beneficial but also easy. All you need is a reliable ad blocker extension that works with Safari, the default browser for iOS devices.

One of the best ad blocker extensions for Safari is Ghostery.

Using Ghostery Ad Blocker

Ghostery’s ad blocker extension is superior to other ad blocker extensions for several reasons:

  • Blocks ads including social media platforms like Facebook and video streaming sites like YouTube, as well as news outlets, gaming sites, and more.
  • Shows you how many trackers are blocked on each web page and gives you detailed information about each tracker. Most ads on the web contain trackers.
  • Allows you to whitelist websites that you trust or support.

Key Features of Ghostery

Ghostery offers more than just ad blocking on iPhone. It also has several features that make it stand out from other browser extensions:

  • Ad Blocking: Removes both the ads and the whitespace they leave behind, including pre-roll ads on YouTube.
  • Anti-Tracking: Blocks trackers that collect your browsing data and personal information. It prevents fingerprinting by using AI to anonymize your data without breaking websites.
  • Never-Consent: Enables users to automatically opt out of tracking requests from websites’ consent management platforms and eliminates cookie pop-up banners. This sends a clear message to website owners that you value your privacy while improving your browsing experience.
  • Ghostery Panel: Gives a clear overview of the trackers and ads on each website you visit.

Install Ghostery Ad Blocker Extension on Safari

Installing Ghostery’s ad blocker extension on Safari is quick and easy.

  1. Go to our website and click on Get Ghostery.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the extension to your browser.
  3. Enjoy an ad-free browsing experience with Ghostery!

Never installed a browser extension on Safari? No worries. Check out our instructions on how to get started or watch our YouTube video guide.

Once you’re finished, you will automatically block ads on your iPhone for any website you visit — with no need for any configuration.


Blocking ads on your iPhone and iPad is a smart move that can improve your device performance, reduce your data usage, and enhance your privacy. With Ghostery’s ad blocker extension for Safari, you can block ads on your iPhone from thousands of sources with ease.

You can also integrate Ghostery with its other products (Privacy Suite) like Ghostery Private Search, which offers you a private and secure way to search the web without being tracked by advertisers.

If you want to take control of your mobile browsing experience and improve your privacy, try out the Ghostery ad blocker extension for Safari. You’ll be amazed by how much faster and cleaner your online experience will be.

Get in touch if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.