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Find all editions of Ghostery’s Privacy Digest here, then and now. It’s an opportunity to time travel through the online privacy sphere.

We screen trustworthy sources and curate a list of most informative privacy news and tips for keeping a healthy digital identity, edition by edition.

Latest editions

Privacy Digest 11/24

May 31, 2024

Data Breach Dell Technologies /e/OS Paypal Microsoft Windows Mortgage Brokers Recall Mobile Operating System Ad Network

Privacy Digest 10/24

May 17, 2024

VPN Security Digital Literacy Child Protection Meta Facial Recognition Europe Cerebral Health Data VPN

Privacy Digest 09/24

May 3, 2024

VPN iCloud Private Relay iPhone Cellphone Carrier Tracking Ring Amazon Verizon AT&T T-Mobile

Privacy Digest 08/24

Apr 19, 2024

Anti Adblock Wall YouTube Ghostery Private Browser Facial Recognition Wearable Tech Youtube Alternatives Adblocking YouTube Video Streaming Private Browsing

Privacy Digest 07/24

Apr 5, 2024

Ghostery Incognito Mode Lawsuit Google Hacking Microsoft Financial Data Broker JPMorgan Chase

Privacy Digest 06/24

Mar 22, 2024

Glassdoor Reddit Data Privacy Gender Healthcare Location Data Car Insurance LexisNexis General Motors Bolt UK Health Data Consumer Risk Profiles

Privacy Digest 05/24

Mar 8, 2024

TikTok U.S. Ban Europe Child Protection Online Push Alerts Law Enforcement Senior Citizens Privacy Protection

Privacy Digest 04/24

Feb 23, 2024

Fertility Apps Period Apps Privacy Lawsuit Google+ Doordash EFF Privacy

Privacy Digest 03/24

Feb 9, 2024

Google Maps Malicious Ads Online Anonymity Uber Pseudonyms Google Search Data Protection Authority

Privacy Digest 02/24

Jan 26, 2024

Tracking Incognito Mode Chrome Meta Facebook Data Sharing Data Brokers FTC Antitracking Ghostery

Privacy Digest 01/24

Jan 12, 2024

Child Protection Online Third-Party Cookies First-Party Cookies Chrome Facebook Link History Meta Privacy-friendly Settings Instagram Google

Privacy Digest 25/23

Dec 29, 2023

Incognito Mode Tracking Ghostery Merch Privacy Review 2024 Automatic Content Recognition Third-Party Cookies Third-Party Tracking Google Smart TV

Privacy Digest 24/23

Dec 14, 2023

WhoTracks.Me Ghostery Meta 23andMe OpenAI Antitracking AI Rules CPPA California

Privacy Digest 23/23

Dec 1, 2023

Google Apple Default Search Engine Surveillance White House Phone Records Tracking COPPA Facebook

Privacy Digest 22/23

Nov 17, 2023

Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Cloud Data Collection Signal Meta Google European Data Protection Board Personal Information

Privacy Digest 21/23

Nov 1, 2023

Randomized MAC Address US v. Google Antitrust Trial Apple Phishing Malware Bard Location Data Default Search Engine

Privacy Digest 20/23

Oct 20, 2023

YouTube Adblocking Online Search Search Engines Passkeys Chat Control Privacy Protection

Privacy Digest 19/23

Sep 29, 2023

Google Antitrust Trial Edward Snowden Reddit Bing Chat Personalized Ads Anti-Tracking Guide

Privacy Digest 18/23

Sep 15, 2023

Google Antitrust Trial Facebook Opera Ad Blocker Search Engines *privacy not included Mozilla Cars AI Spam

Privacy Digest 17/23

Sep 1, 2023

Online Shopping YouTube Consumer Privacy Privacy Protection YouTube Ad Tech

Privacy Digest 16/23

Aug 18, 2023

YouTube COPPA Incognito Mode Google Location Tracking Privacy Lawsuit Yandex Surveillance Advertising Zoom Bluetooth-Enabled Location Trackers Data Privacy

Privacy Digest 15/23

Aug 4, 2023

Ghostery Tracker Database Brave Search Voice ID Data Privacy Tools Canon Wi-Fi Settings Google Meta

Privacy Digest 14/23

Jul 21, 2023

Surveillance Data State Surveillance Xbox Bard Meta Microsoft Advertising Google Europe

Privacy Digest 13/23

Jul 7, 2023

Threads Meta Grindr Privacy Lawsuit Ad Tech Parental Supervision Tools Privacy Protection Google AI

Privacy Digest 12/23

Jun 23, 2023

AI Chatbots Bard Mental Health Data Meta Pixel Ghostery DuckDuckGo Windows European ChatGPT Taskforce Private Browser Personal Information

Privacy Digest 11/23

Jun 9, 2023

Messaging Apps Health Data Data Leak SuperVPN AI Chatbots ChatGPT Deleted Messages

Privacy Digest 10/23

May 26, 2023

Age Verification Child Protection Online Edward Snowden Data Privacy GDPR Passwords Data Safety

Privacy Digest 09/23

May 11, 2023

Parenting Tech State Surveillance OpenAI iPhone Zoho Ulaa Private Browser Digital Footprint Data Privacy

Privacy Digest 08/23

Apr 27, 2023

Facebook Meta Privacy Settlement Brave Search Email Signal WhatsApp Data Privacy Spam AI Online Safety Bill UK

Privacy Digest 07/23

Apr 14, 2023

Total Cookie Protection Mozilla Android European ChatGPT Taskforce Cybercrime ChatGPT AI Apps

Privacy Digest 06/23

Mar 31, 2023

Anonymity Age Verification Systems TikTok Mental Health Data Cerebral Biometric Data AI Chatbots Email Phishing

Privacy Digest 05/23

Mar 17, 2023

Ring Amazon Facial Recognition TikTok Project Clover YouTube UK Data Privacy Code Signal Android Data Sharing Air Canada Child Protection

Privacy Digest 04/23

Mar 3, 2023

Privacy Literacy Data Collection Private Browsing Digital Resignation Surveillance Capitalism Kroger Albertsons Cropping Tools

Privacy Digest 03/23

Feb 17, 2023

Ad Blocker Opera Global Privacy Control Ghostery's Never-Consent Do Not Track Search Engines Hacking Location Sharing Location Tracking

Privacy Digest 02/23

Feb 3, 2023

Google TikTok Adobe Data Security Advertising Generative AI Passwords Password Manager ByteDance

Privacy Digest 01/23

Jan 19, 2023

Big Tech Privacy Lawsuit Surveillance Capitalism Data Collection Privacy Protection Privacy in US

Privacy Digest 24/22

Dec 15, 2022

Cryptography Private Search Apple iCloud Metaverse Digital Identity Lensa AI Cookies

Privacy Digest 23/22

Dec 2, 2022

App Tracking Transparency Apple Brave Search Privacy-Preserving Ads Ad Tech Microsoft Germany Office 365

Privacy Digest 22/22

Nov 18, 2022

Apple Tracking Google Privacy Lawsuit Location Tracking App Tracking Protection DuckDuckGo Signal Stories

Privacy Digest 21/22

Nov 4, 2022

Free Privacy Ghostery Contribution Program Location Data Cryptography Apple Private Browser

Privacy Digest 20/22

Oct 20, 2022

Incognito Mode Chrome DuckDuckGo Firefox Relay Do Not Track Kids Amazon Bots Advertising Browsers

Privacy Digest 19/22

Oct 7, 2022

Router Data Collection Tor Browser VPN Snowflake Browser Add-onn Frances Haugen YouTube Center for Humane Technology Attention Economy

Privacy Digest 18/22

Sep 22, 2022

Privacy Protection Surveillance Capitalism How to Fix the Internet Protecting Online Privacy Browsers Mobile Application

Privacy Digest 17/22

Sep 9, 2022

Tracking Private Browsing Ad Tech Data Privacy Privacy Bills U.S. India Responsible Data Practices

Privacy Digest 16/22

Aug 26, 2022

VPN iOS DuckDuckGo Email Protection Beta *privacy not included Mozilla Email Advertising Google

Privacy Digest 15/22

Aug 11, 2022

iOS In-App Browser Tracking Data Breach Amazon iRobot Interior Maps Data Privacy Facebook Instagram Big Tech E-Waste

Privacy Digest 14/22

Jul 29, 2022

Private Search Antitracking Signal Tracking Cookies Data Leak Telcos Data Collection Google Secure Messager Search Engines

Privacy Digest 13/22

Jul 15, 2022

Adblocking Antitracking Lockdown Mode Apple Data Privacy Data Leak EFF

Privacy Digest 12/22

Jul 1, 2022

Private Browser Deepfake Supercookies T-Mobile Ad Tech Brave Goggles

Privacy Digest 11/22

Jun 17, 2022

Firefox Total Cookie Protection YouTube Data Brokers Location Data Facebook Health Data Manifest V3

Privacy Digest 10/22

Jun 3, 2022

Ghostery Dawn Private Browser Private Search DuckDuckGo Microsoft Proton AI Data Privacy

Privacy Digest 09/22

May 20, 2022

Biometric Data Mastercard Ad ID Tracking Android iOS Mozilla Product Privacy Review DuckDuckGo Smart Home

Privacy Digest 08/22

May 6, 2022

Password Manager Scam Texts Smishing Abortion SafeGraph Data Privacy Tech Literacy Geofencing

Privacy Digest 07/22

Apr 22, 2022

Emotion Tracking Spyware Immigration DHS Location Data Data Privacy Ad Industry

Privacy Digest 06/22

Apr 1, 2022

Child Protection Online KOSA Ghostery Antitracking GDPR App Tracking Transparency Surveillance Advertising

Privacy Digest 05/22

Mar 18, 2022

VPN Smart Devices Internet of Things Tracking Privacy Violations Privacy Protection Privacy Police Tor Browser

Privacy Digest 04/22

Mar 4, 2022

Graphics Card Tracking Financial Censorship Financial Privacy Personal Identifiable Information Third-Party Cookies Data Protection Expert

Privacy Digest 03/22

Feb 18, 2022

VPN Wordle Tracking Privacy Protection Ad Tech Google Fake Web

Privacy Digest 02/22

Feb 4, 2022

Password Manager Data Security Surveillance Advertising Music Listener Identity Solution Ad Tech Digital Footprint Data Brokers

Privacy Digest 01/22

Jan 21, 2022

Apple Safari Data Security Digital Footprint web3 Data Privacy Metaverse Marketing

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